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Even though accident casualty rates fell in the UK in 2009, the amount of car accident claims for personal injury actually increased. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have been hit in a rear end collision by another motor vehicle, ensure that if you want to pursue a claim that you get the full details of the third party’s vehicle. Don’t be tempted if the behindhand disciplinarian who is a lot of acceptable amenable in these situations offers to achieve for banknote for the blow to your car after traveling through his allowance company. The affidavit for this is that he or she may not be insured or it may after arise that you acquire abiding claimed abrasion such as whiplash or something even added austere that at the point of the blow is not acutely visible. The blow may activate affection that yield a little time to develop, so consistently accumulate as abundant affirmation as you can at the arena and never acquire a banknote adjustment action as you may lose out financially after on.

Any pain and suffering that you endure as a result of the accident can be compensated for by instructing an injury claim solicitor or accident claim company that specializes in car accident claims. You will need to provide evidence of injury so it’s always wise to go to your local accident and emergency centre or pay a visit to your GP to record any injury. These able medical letters that they compile, will advice you after with your claim. Remember to accumulate all receipts for out of abridged costs and accomplish a agenda of all amount you accomplish in affiliation with your injury. Most cases are acclimatized out of cloister and with the new fast clue RTA action for UK claims alien in April you should about get a adjustment aural 9-12 months.

So how can you claim car accident injury compensation?

• You must not be wholly at fault for the car accident.

• In the UK to claim personal injury compensation you need to be submit a claim within three years of accident happening, but ideally the sooner the better.

• Visit either the Accident & Emergency department nearby or your doctor to record your injuries.

• Take pictures at the scene on your phone or with a camera if available showing vehicle damage and road conditions and any obstructions etc if you are fit to do so.

• If the emergency services attended the scene note any incident reference numbers if you are in a state to do so.

• Make a note of any witnesses that may help your claim later on.

• Contact an Accident Claim Company or car accident lawyer. This is a very important point as specialist expert solicitors spend years learning their trade and have access to have access to many extra resources that if you pursed a case yourself you would probably not be aware of. Furthermore, nowadays under the No-Win-No-Fee system it should not cost you for the qualified legal help either.

• Ask them if you will keep you all 100% of any car accident compensation for your car accident claim without any deductions or hidden charges.

• Ask them what areas of law they specialize in. It’s no good talking to a divorce lawyer if you want to make an auto personal injury claim

• If you feel comfortable with your chosen company, give them details of your injury and they should take care of the rest for you and help with the paperwork.

Sadly far too many people in the UK are victims of car accidents, as drivers passengers or pedestrians. If you’ve been involved in a car accident or have suffered any form of personal injury as a result of someone else’s negligence on the road, why not make an car accident injury claim for compensation today.

If you have been affected by a rear end collision then The Accident Claim Company would like to help kick off your car accident injury claim without delay. Contact us for any type of personal injury claim. When you win you keep 100% accident compensation otherwise it costs you nothing as all claims are on a no win no fee basis. Telephone: 0800 542 2858 or visit our website for more details.

Accident Injury Claims Are Different for Motorcyclists

Common knowledge tells us it’s safer to ride in an automobile than on a motorcycle. But that doesn’t deter the millions of motorcyclists who enjoy the freedom of their two-wheeled vehicles, let alone benefits such as fuel savings and an almost unlimited amount of parking possibilities!

However, facts are facts. Statistically, the dangers of riding a motorcycle are well-documented. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle riders make up less than 2 percent of all traffic, yet account for nearly 5 percent of traffic fatalities.

The good news is motorcycle fatalities seem to be trending down in some areas. While another NHTSA study shows nationwide motorcycle deaths as being up by 2 percent in 2008, Florida and California motorcycle fatalities have been on a slow but steady decline since 2005. This is in part due to increased motorcycle safety education, and stricter attention to safety gear such as helmets in those states.

But through all of this, the reality remains that motorcycle riders are more susceptible to fatality and serious injury than riders of other types of more well-protected vehicles.

Personal Injury Claims

Motorcycle injuries are often debilitating to the point where the victim might not be able to work again, or only on a limited basis. There is generally a big difference in the severity level of injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents compared to automobile accidents. A side swipe or fender bender in a car could be fatal or cause serious injury to a biker.

Motorcyclists have the same rights as anybody else on the road. Yet there will always be some societal bias and stereotyping surrounding them. This is why it’s important to be very organized and meticulous with all information when filing a personal injury claim for injuries incurred from a motorcycle accident.

Once fault for a personal injury claim is determined and full or partial negligence can be shown on the part of another party, it might be time to contact a motorcycle accident attorney. Keep in mind that speed and the absence of protective head gear are almost always factors in motorcycle accident cases.

Many times the injuries suffered by motorcycle riders are so severe that they are incapacitated and therefore unable to immediately give a police report or a description of the circumstances surrounding the accident.

In cases like these, any future injury claims and subsequent compensation will be heavily based on a thorough police report and statements from witnesses, if applicable. The family or those close to the victim will also need to get involved in order to follow through with insurance claims. Additionally, someone will need to take the lead in contacting a motorcycle accident law firm to enlist the services of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, if necessary.

Statistically and logically, riding on a motorcycle is much more dangerous than traveling in a four-wheeled vehicle. However, that danger can be diminished by adhering to safety guidelines, which include wearing the proper protective gear and employing a “defensive riding” mindset. Experience driving on the road is also important, as being able to avoid hazardous situations is key to safe biking.